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Fire Fighting Equipments - Trailers & Trolleys



Trailers are fire fighting equipments that can be used with High Volume Monitors (normally 150mm and above), or Monitors with Foam Compound Tanks, etc. We manufacture this equipment for various firefighting applications. It comes with a sturdy and efficient design for easy deployment and mobilization. The design is hydraulically efficient to ensure minimum pressure drop. Braking facility is also provided with the design.

Construction: M.S. Channel frame, Aluminium Chequered plate, Pneumatic rubber tyres

2.5" or 4" G.M. NRV fitted Male Inlets



A range of trolleys with different monitors/ nozzles or fire equipment are available for various firefighting applications. They come with a sturdy and efficient (3 / 4 wheel) design for easy deployment and mobilization. The design is hydraulically efficient to ensure minimum pressure drop in the trolley. They are suitable for use with 63mm, 75mm & 100mm Monitors. Arrangements for storage of hoses and other tailor-made requirements can be provided on the trolley.

Construction: M.S. Channel frame, Aluminium. Chequered plate, Solid rubber tyres, 2.5" G.M. NRV fitted Male Inlets

Mobile Foam Tank

mobile tank

Specification: The mobile foam unit is a fire fighting equipment that has been designed for rapid one-man deployment and is ideal for the protection of oil storage and loading terminals, paints or solvent Stores, Boiler rooms, Ships' Engine rooms and all similar high-risk areas. The unit only requires connection to a suitable pressurized water supply and is manufactured using high strength corrosion-resistant materials of fire fighting accessories such as FRP/S.S. or M.S. duly anti corrosive Treated. (Inside)

Mobile Foam Tank

Construction of tank: FRP/M.S./S.S.
Capacity: 100 litres to 300 litres.
Trolley: Made of M.S. Duly painted/S.S. Frame also available.
Wheels: Rubber bonded trolley tyres 250/500 kilograms rating each.
Standard fittings: a) Foam inductor as per desired capacity b) Low expansion branch-pipe matched to above Inductor c) Foam stop valve d) Filler Cap e) Alternative fittings : Any type of foam Branches.
Including: Low Expansion & medium, Expansion with their Matched inductors.
Inductors: Aluminium / G.M. / S.S.
Foam branches: Aluminium.
Optional fire :* a) Storage space provided to accommodate 1 or 2 lengths of hose with coupling b) 1 or 2 lengths of fire fighting hose as per desired. Specification supplied along with the unit.


Specification :
Capacity : 150-2000 kg (dry powder).
Pressurisation gas used : Carbon-Di-oxide (Co2)/Nitrogen(n2)
Operating pressure : 10-14 kg/cm2
Tank construction : As per IS/ASME codes.
Anti-Corrosion Treatment : Hot Dip Galvanising/Spray Galvanising (Inside)
Accessories : a) * Manual nozzles ( per requirement of customer) b) * Monitor fixed with aluminium constructed dry powder nozzle c) High pressure discharge Hose d) Regulator to maintain pressure @ 14 kg/cm2 inside the extinguisher e) Drain plug/cap/valve f) Trailer tyres/Trolley tyres in case of dry powder Extinguishers


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