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Manufacturer of Fire Extinguisher, Fire Suppresion System, Total Flooding System, Fire Detection System, Passive Fire Protection in India.

The clientele of Supremex includes a range of companies from a lot of different market fronts. These companies and industries are all very different from each other and have varying requirements. However, the one requirement that remains similar for all of them is the need of robust fire fighting systems. In order to fulfil this requirement of our clients, we provide an elaborate range of fire extinguishers as well as fire suppression systems. The elaborate product range ensures that the requirements of all the different markets are catered to.

The Markets that Supremex works for

As mentioned, our clients come from a lot of different markets and we provide staunch fire fighting systems for all of them. The markets that we work for include:

  • Airports and Aviation

There is a huge demand of fire suppression systems in the aviation industry. We provide various products for the same for airports, maintenance areas, cargo space, metro stations, etc.

  • Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industries are prone to extremely critical fire eruptions. Plus, if a fire does erupt in such places, it becomes extremely difficult to control it and leads to a lot of life and resource damage. At Supremex, we provide robust, quick and effective firefighting solutions for them as well.

  • Industrial

High risk industries like chemical industries need to be equipped in a way manner to combat fire. Our team at Supremex has successfully designed a range of fire extinguishers that can protect such places.

  • Residential and Commercial

Even the most basic residential and commercial areas need effective fire fighting systems that would protect them in dangerous situations. Though they aren’t as prone to fires, it is always better to be safe. We at Supremex, provide simplified products for such places also.

  • Special Forces

The fire suppression systems needed by special forces is different than others. But at Supremex, you can find quality options for them as well.

  • Marine

Marine industries are also at a high risk of fire eruptions which can only be combated using specialized equipments. We provide firefighting solutions for marine industries also which would secure the lives and resources there.

Firefighting Solutions provided by Supremex

We provide the following firefighting solutions for all the above-mentioned markets:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Localized Area Fire Suppression Systems for Electrical Panels/Switchgears, Machinery Areas etc.
  • Hose Reels
  • Fire Fighting Equipments
  • Oil Spill Control
  • Passive Fire Protection System
  • Fire Proofing of Valves and Actuators
  • Anti-Slip Solutions
  • Gas Detection
  • Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems


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