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Studies show that a number of explosive fires can erupt from the general electrical panels present in practically every residential or commercial area. Regardless of the size of the electric panels, severe fire hazards can take place in them causing a lot of life and resource damage.

Since we believe in safeguarding you from fire hazards from all fronts, we also provide fire suppression system for electrical panels.

At Supremex, your convenience and safety are our prime goals. To fulfil them, we design extremely proficient fire suppression systems for your electric panels which come ready for installation in your work unit.

The Supremex Product Efficiency

All the products in our fire suppression range are designed to be rapid in fire detection and effective in suppression. The Supremex fire suppression system for electrical panels includes a range of carefully designed products. We intricately install them in the critical areas of your electric panels.

We know how crucial every moment can be when it comes to fire hazards. That is why this system can quickly detect the presence of fire using its robust sensors which are spread across the panel for rapid detection. Also, as soon as the presence of fire is detected, the system begins its work of fire suppression immediately without the need of human efforts.

The system uses appropriate methods of extinguishing fire instantly and effectively prevents the spread of the fire in other areas.

There are very high chances of power cut in such a situation. But we cannot afford to compromise your security in such a situation either. That is why this fire suppression system works just as efficiently even without electricity. Thus, no matter what the circumstances are, you can depend on our products to protect you from all fire hazards.


fire detect

Fume hoods are considered as an ideal way of protecting chemical laboratories from fire explosions. However, a fume hood on its own might not be sufficient. Many reactive chemicals in a lab might interact in the fume hood to create life-threatening hazards.

In order to secure chemical laboratories, pharmaceuticals, etc. from such situations, we have come up with a specialised fume hood cabinet fire suppression system which would protect the lives and resources of our clients.

The Supremex Product Efficiency

The fume hood cabinet fire suppression system at Supremex is made with extreme precision. Monitoring the activities of the reaction in a fume hood might not always be possible. There are chances that you need to work on a prolonged experiment which cannot be supervised continuously.

In such situations, our fire suppression system can help you very effectively. This system is a user-friendly product which can be easily installed or removed without any technical assistance. The system is made to be rapid when it comes to fire detection. Within moments of the eruption of a fire, the system detects its presence and begins the process of fire suppression.


Thus, you can always be sure that the people working in your laboratories are safe and so are the resources and work space involved. At Supremex, we understand the responsibility that you trust us with. That is why we ensure that our products are thoroughly tried and tested and would work as and when required.

The additional plus points of this fume hood cabinet fire suppression system include: 

  • The system is available at extremely cost-effective prices to suit your budget.
  • Despite the criticality of the situation, the system works flawlessly. The system performs its job even in the complete absence of electricity.


Restaurant kitchens are considerably pre-disposed to fire hazards. Despite the constant eradication of flames, the huge number of functional gas stoves can cause a fire to erupt. Such a situation in your restaurant would not only impact your business adversely but also harm your employees, resources and time. At Supremex, we have intricately designed a kitchen fire suppression system which can safeguard you against all such hazards.

The Supremex Product Efficiency

We have designed our kitchen fire suppression system after a lot of research and experimentation. Thus, you can find the most rapid and effective system for fire suppression at Supremex.

The main features of our system which provide it with an unparalleled quality are:

AMEREX KP Restaurant Fire Suppression System
Amerex ZD Restaurant Fire Suppression System

  • The system automatically detects the presence of fire without the need of any human intervention.
  • Our system uses three methods to detect the presence of a fire – fusible links, linear pneumatic and linear fusible links. Such a system ensures the quickest and the most accurate fire detection.
  • As soon as detected, the system immediately begins the process of fire suppression to ensure minimum damage to life and resources.
  • We use a wet chemical for extinguishing the fire. Since this system is made specifically for kitchens, the chemical used is one with a low pH and doesn’t corrode stainless steel.
  • The system includes an extinguishing tank which is pressurised and pre-filled to ensure immediate action and optimum safety.

The most distinctive quality of all the Supremex fire suppression products is that they are made with utmost precision. We test them multiple times through multiple challenging tests. After we are sure that they perform well in hazardous situations, we install them in your kitchens for your safety. That is why when using our products, you simply don’t need to worry about the quality.


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