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Manufacturer of Fire Extinguisher, Fire Suppresion System, Total Flooding System, Fire Detection System, Passive Fire Protection in India.

About Supremex Equipments


We are not just a company and we have never considered Supremex to be a mere corporate entity. We are much more than that, we are a 24*7*365 guard, a protector and above all a force that aims to protect your business and establishments from fire related hazards.

As a fire safety expert Supremex prides itself in being a leading fire extinguisher manufacturer. We came into existence in the year 1976 and since then our motto has been to deliver world class and most reliable fire safety equipments.

We are a firm with a nationwide presence, so whether you are building a mall or IT park in a city or a big industrial unit in a remote area, our fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems will be at your service always.

The Supremex Range

When we began our journey towards creating a safer environment, we were known as one of the best fire extinguisher manufacturers in the country. Over the years, we have broadened our horizons and today our customers love our ensemble product range Some of our most-preferred products are:
1. Fire Extinguishers
2. Fire Fighting Equipments
3. Foam Making Equipments
4. Localized Area Fire Suppression Systems also known as tubing system
5. Passive Fire Protection Products and Systems
6. Spill Containment Products and Systems
7. Safety Items

When we design our fire safety products, our primary motive is to make you feel secure and systematically equip you for protection against all types of fire hazards. Your lives are very precious to us and that is the reason why we keep no scope for mistakes. Only after trying and testing our products in various different ways do we hand them over to you.

The Safe Customers of Supremex

The biggest satisfaction we get from our work is that every night, lakhs of people sleep without fear, trusting us. Over the years of our services, our motivation has always been the fact that our products have saved the lives of millions.

When we began our journey as fire extinguisher manufacturers, most of our clients were Oil and Gas companies. While today, our clientele includes 1500+ happy and safe customers from the following domains:
1. Airports and Aviation
2. Oil and Gas
3. Industrial
4. Residential and Commercial
5. Special forces including Paramilitary
6. Marine

We have modified our fire safety products in many different ways with just one motive in mind – All our clients should be ‘hazard ready’ and secure in every situation that may confront them.
Our time is totally dedicated to safeguarding you from hazards and thus we are available at your services anywhere, everywhere, all the time! With such constant dedication, we have successfully countered a lot of fire hazards, protected many businesses and resources from damage and most important of all, saved millions of lives.
Guarding our clients against fire hazards has become a duty more than a job for us and we are sure to fulfil it flawlessly.

Why Choose Supremex For Your Fire Safety Needs

There exist several reasons for choosing Supremex fire fighting system. Let us list down a few major ones:
1. We Are Certified – Yes, we are a reputable and a certified organization. Supremex has been conferred with the highly revered ISO 9001: 2008 certification. It shows our dedication towards high quality and paramount importance we give to the fire safety.
2. We Protect Lives Of Millions – Establishments like the airports and global scale refineries trust Supremex. Our products and services are successfully protecting establishments against fire hazards so that you work and live your life in peace.
3. We Are Experienced – Our experience spans over 40 years, we have successfully handled thousands of projects both big and small for over 1500 clients.

Mission: To manufacture world class fire extinguishers and Fire Suppression systems in a high 'cost effective manner’ through 'stringent quality control and testing.
In addition to this there is 'continuous quality management' enforced in daily activities and in the entire value chain.
Vision: To consolidate our 'national and international presence' as a leading manufacturer, supplier and integrator of various Active & Passive Fire Protection Systems and other safety items.


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