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Spill Containment

Spill Containment Berms

Is your workplace ready to deal with Spills? Do you have the right items to deal with them?.

What is a Spill Containment Berms?

Spill Berms is quick and easy, flexible containment systems that are manufactured in India to keep your workplaces safe and clean. The various sizes and materials and designed to contain the spill. These are portable systems that require very little in size when not used and very easy to store.These are manufactured with the highest quality of materials to oil, fuels, chemicals resistant and utility trays, Foam Wall Berms, Drip Pads, Economy Bracket.

These are two primary types are oil berms and chemical berms. These are generally used for :

  • Containment of leaks from machinery, equipment or vehicles.
  • Containment of spills when working with liquids.
  • Use when cleaning or repairing parts.
  • For small parts storage.
  • Under liquids such as paint, chemicals and gasoline containers on storage shelves/racks.
  • Under batteries to contain acid leaks when charging or holding for disposal.
  • Under containers when transporting them.
  • Use to transport parts, tools or maintenance supplies.
spill berms


Foam Wall Spill Berms also popularly known as duck ponds are manufactured to handle small drips, leaks and spills. They are very easy to store and small in size. Compared to their size, they have a fairly large capacity of containing up to 250 litres.



We manufacture a complete line of utility trays to cover all the applications. All models can be easily cleaned and will last for years. These trays are flexible in nature, hence can be rolled u when not in use. It is made of PVC and compatible with most fluids.

utility trays
spill pads and drip pads


Also called as Drip Pads, the Drive Over Foam Spill Pad is the quickest and cheapest way to control spillage. These pads can be placed under machines, drums and other equipment. The best part about these pads are that they can be driven over and used for other relevant automotive applications as well.

Spill Pad
bracket berm


Our Economy Bracket Berms have the most advanced and versatile design in our berm wide range of aluminum. The Aluminium brackets can be utilized in different ways based on your requirements. These types of berms are used for continuous use in places where there is frequent automotive traffic. Drums, IBC’s and other storage devices can be kept in the berm for a long time without any worry.

Bracket Berm

Safety Cabinets For Flammable

When storing various fluids that can be potentially harmful to humans or the environment, you need safe storage cabinets for them. These cabinets ensure that the fluids won’t spill out and cause any harm. For such purposes, we have designed a range of Pollsorb Safety Cabinets are made for storing specific types of fluids. Their design is optimized according to the fluid they are meant for. Our cabinets range includes Flammable Cabinets, Acid Storage Cabinets, Data Filling Cabinets, Pesticide Storage Cabinets and many others. With sturdy designs and durable bodies, these cabinets are a secure way of storing various liquids.

Flammable Safety Cabinets


For storing various flammable substances in your workstation, you can use our high-quality flammable cabinets. They are made with fire-proof material to ensure that no severe hazards damage the employees, resources and the environment in your workstation. They are available in a range of sizes, designs and types. You can find something that is appropriate according to your requirements.

acid corrosive cabinets


At Enviroguard Solutions, we also have a range of cabinets for storing acids and other types of corrosive substances. They are made with corrosion-resistant materials. This ensures that the stored fluids don’t damage the cabinets in any way. You can get smaller cabinets for storing lesser amounts of corrosive fluids in a reachable area. Or you can also go for larger cabinets to store larger amounts.

combustible cabinets


We also provide a range of combustible cabinets which are ideal for storing various class 3 combustibles. If you need to store fluids like paints or some other combustibles, you can store them securely in these cabinets. We provide these cabinets in a range of sizes as well to help you provide something according to your requirements.

toxic cabinets


You can also find a range of toxic safety cabinets at Enviroguard Solutions. These cabinets are made using a high-quality durable material which is not harmed even in the case of spilling of toxic fluids. The design is also made to be alerting, such that it makes people aware of the presence of something toxic inside.


Drain Protection Covers

In case of hazardous spillages (including chemical, oil, fuel, etc.) around drainages systems, Pollsorb drain protection tools can come as a very useful equipment. These covers act as a barrier between the spilled fluids and the drainage system, thus preventing the contamination of the latter. They have a very simple yet effective working mechanism which ensure that no fluid enters the drainage system. They can be used very simply and have a quick mechanism of action. This makes them one of the most widely used drain protection tools. Based on the type of the spillage, different types of tools can be used.

Drain Protection covers

Drain Covers

One of the simplest and the most efficient drain protection tools are drain covers. These covers are made of polyurethane materials and can work against chemicals, oils, fuel, etc. based on their design type. By simply covering the drainage system with these covers, various contaminants can be prevented from entering it.

plugging compound


A In case of leaks or spillages from certain holes or ruptured parts, our plugging compounds can be used. These highly flexible and adhesive compounds stick to the ruptured parts firmly and ensure that none of the hazardous contents are spilled. They bear optimum resistance against water, oil and a range of chemical substances.


Secondary Containment

Our Pollsorb Secondary Containment spill pallets are an absolute necessity for workstations of the companies working in the industrial sector. Any type of oil or chemical spillage in such areas can be extremely dangerous. It can severely contaminate your products and make them unusable, which can lead to heavy losses. However, if your workstation is equipped with our Drum Spill Pallet, you can rest assured in such cases as well. In any situation of spill, workstations, these pallets can come very handy and prevent the possibility of any type of damage to the people, machinery and the environment around you.

secondery containment

Drum Spill pallets

Our Drum Spill Pallets are focused more on the prevention part of spillages. Spill pallets ideally hold the drums containing the risky fluids.

secondery containment

Spill Trays

If your workstations include places like laboratories, schools, farms, university, etc. where spillages can be extremely harmful, our spill trays can help you out.

secondery containment

Work Floors

A wide range of spill pallets, work floors, wheeled bins & other products to contain spills or prevent them from reaching the environment and causing damage.

secondery containment

Drum Racks

Drum Racks are designed to ensure maximum efficiency. Drum Karts is an ideal way of storing as well as dispensing barrels and drums containing spill prone liquids.


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